Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Two Great Videos for Library Instruction

As I'm working on my new library instruction course, I'm trying to find ready-made media that can help keep the class awake, and possibly, possibly, send them back to our website to find something they want to look at again.

After reading a recent blog on Stephen's Lighthouse, I found some great videos. Most of them are too long for such a short class (and let's face it, no one but us true nerds will appreciate the 16-minute Lord of the Rings epic based in a library), but I found two gems in the group that have been instantly added to my site.

First, New Spice (as opposed to Old Spice), is basically the best thing ever:

And the second, which uses Monty Python references copiously is also a winner (and informative for students, to boot):

Yay for library humor!

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