Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Library Week

I know, I know. Every profession has a "week" or a "day." It's so overdone that it's almost not even worth doing anymore, right?


Library week is fun. It's a chance for us to do things we wouldn't normal get to do. (Dogs in the library! Let's do puzzles! Coloring pages for college students!) We get to branch out and try to make students' lives a little more fun. I like that about Library Week. Plus, I think the design this year is pretty rad. (Again, others say it's overdone. To them I say PSHAW, DO NOT RAIN ON MY PARADE.)

This week we've offered students a chance to win gift cards, had snacks and drinks available every day, hosted a poetry reading, brought in therapy dogs, and basically had lots of little activities. 

Maybe not everyone enjoys library week. Maybe the students think it's dumb. But their consumption of the cookies and cokes we put out seem to suggest otherwise. Also, I get to help work on a puzzle every so often, so that's fun. 

So, here's to Library Week and to all the great librarians out there doin what they do!

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