Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Kindness Audit

Shortly after reading this presentation on a kindness audit over at Mr. Library Dude, we had a library meeting and our director brought up the fact that we still had some room in our budget to make some changes around the library. She asked if there were things we could improve and I immediately thought of a kindness audit.

My first thought in reading through the presentation was that I would prefer to do such an audit with someone who was completely new to our library, but used to libraries in general. I would want it to be unbiased by my own opinions on what we should change, and done with completely fresh eyes. And, lucky for us, we have just hired a new Technical Services librarian, who has worked in several libraries before.

So, today I led her to the presentation and asked her if she could do her own audit of our space. I know there are places where we are missing signage that might be helpful. There are arrangements of furniture that I might want to move around. There are some new pieces of furniture we could order to make things more comfortable.

Over the next week or two, we'll conduct the audit, and I'll be sure to post the results here. I'm interested to see what everyone thinks could be improved, and what changes we might make.

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